Filipino Service

Filipino Congregation

Welcome to BPMC’s Filipino Congregation, a Filipino Community Church where our door is open to people from all religious backgrounds, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey.


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We are committed to achieving Vision 2014 that focuses on leadership succession and discipleship. To this end, we aim to develop and train our present leaders, so that they may disciple their family members and others in obedience to our Lord Jesus’ Great Commission and His commandments.


If you are new in Singapore and considering joining us for praise and worship to our God, we hope you will find a place where you are warmly welcomed and feel at home away from home, even if you have never been to a Christian Fellowship before.


Our Worship Service is held on Sunday at 1.30pm, mainly in English, and when giving emphasis, in Tagalog. We welcome an average of 120 adults, youths, and children weekly into our midst.


In our Bible studies, we present the truths of the Bible in clear and easy methods.


We are committed to:

  • reaching out to people who are seeking God
  • developing Christ-like disciples
  • mentoring Jesus Christ’s followers as they give their lives to God


We offer ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. There are ministry opportunities available for adults, married or single, men and women of any age, students, and children. You will find joy in discovering your ministry.


Hope to see you soon!


Crisanto C. de Guzman
Filipino Pastor

Ministry Head: Elder Joon Reboca

Our Young Adults Ministry provides a safe place for young adults to connect with God through His self-revelation in Scripture, connect in community with others in similar seasons of life, heal from the past through the power of the Gospel in the context of community, and look forward to how God will use us for His purposes in the future.



6584 2428

The Filipino Youth Ministry aims to equip our youths in five core areas:


DISCIPLESHIP by walking in Truth through prayer & obedience to God’s Word
by putting Christ in the centre of their lives
by offering themselves in the service of Christ
by lovingly caring for His church
by living as shining examples so as to attract and lead others to Christ

To guide the youths in fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives, we provide various channels for them to grow in their faith:

  1. Sunday School – where they learn and meditate on God’s Word and are encouraged to apply it to their lives.

Every Sunday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, BPMC Community Hall, 3rd Level


  1. Youth Prayer Meetings – where the youths meet in the home of a host-youth for worship, devotion and prayer for church needs and for one another.

Every other Saturday


  1. Youth Café – is an evangelistic event that the youths organise (on a scheduled basis) where young people gather and relax in a “chill-out” environment. The youths invite their friends to sing with them, and just bond and chat with them to build relationships, and to lead them to know God through the love of Christ.


  1. Other Ministry opportunities which involve the youths include:
  • Worship & Music Ministry

Musicians, Tambourine Dancers, Singers, Ushers

  • Events Planning & Facilitation

Eg Sports Events, Papuri Café, Birthday Parties


If you would like to find out more, please contact:

6584 2428

Children Ministry


Children look forward to Sunday School because they can be with their friends as they learn God’s Word together.  Sunday School time is filled with activities that suit their needs, interests and age.


We aim to bring up the children in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through teachers who have the passions and skills in teaching the young. Through this, we pray that these children will grow to become adults who can stand for the Lord.


For details of schedule and venue, please contact:

6584 2428

The Children & Correspondence Course

Intercessors Group


Do you consider yourself a prayer warrior? Would you like to strengthen your prayer life? This prayer ministry is a perfect channel for making an impact in our church and the world.

  • The Intercessors Group meet regularly for study, prayer & training.
  • We pray for the needs through a Prayer Hotline, 24/7.
  • We facilitate Corporate Prayer Meetings, held every Wednesday from 8:30-10:00pm.  These meetings are our corporate expression to God of our praise and thanksgiving. We pray for the church leaders and church needs, as well as personal needs.
  • We cover the entire Sunday Worship Service in prayer.


We believe that PRAYER is a vital component in every ministry of the church. Come and be a part of it!


Target Group


The Target Group comprises men and women who have an interest in cross-cultural missions.  The goals of this group are:

  • To conduct research on cross-cultural missions
  • To re-define the parameters of cross-cultural missions
  • To promote cross-cultural missions through artistic performances, publication and production of manuals and publicity materials


Discipleship Group


The two main objectives of the Discipleship Group are:

  • To encourage men and women to be servant leaders in their homes – recognizing that, in Christ, all are equal, and all should be loved.
  • To teach men and women how to love God with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind and with all their strength; and to love their neighbour as themselves.


For details of schedules & venue, please contact:

6584 2428

This ministry comprises worship leaders, singers, instrumentalists, dancers, and audio-visual technicians, who are of different age groups, from young children to adults. They lead the people into the presence of God through song and dance every time God’s people meet, whether in church or in the homes of members.

The goals of this ministry are to help every Filipino in Singapore (1) understand the God of the Bible and know the salvation of Jesus Christ, (2) become like God in character, (3) serve the church and the community with passion, (4) live a lifestyle of prayer and be always dependent on the Holy Spirit’s leading, and (5) grow towards Christian maturity.

This ministry aims to create an atmosphere of love, unity, and excitement in the weekly Sunday service for members and visitors alike. It is a ministry of encouragement by welcoming people with the love of Christ. Members of this ministry meet for regular devotion, prayer & training. Each one in this ministry is encouraged to live a life that is pleasing to God.