English Youth Ministry

This is an age-specific ministry that teaches the Word of the God to our youths. Through fostering strong Christian fellowship and deep friendships, we hope to encourage and spur spiritual growth among our youths.

Contact: Quek See Leng or call 6584 2428.

Mandarin Youth Ministry

希望能透过户外活,讨论让年青人从 交流与互中学圣经的真理与反思基督的救恩在 他生命中的意力。我们更希望能透过这个 契的交流们以圣经的真理和三一神的救恩 思考乎生命,道德和生活准的重要问题。更重要的是让他们把这些诠释付诸于行动,对群体与社会 做出贡献。 

This ministry aims to engage our youths in learning, discussing and reflecting about the significance of Christ in all aspects of their lives. We seek to inspire them to connect questions and decisions about life with the salvation from the triune God and the truth revealed in the Bible, thus translating these qualities into meaningful contributions to the community. 

Contact: Teo Chew Lee or call 6584 2428.

Filipino Youth Ministry

Filipino Youth Ministry exists to impact the lives of youths in the local community and around the world (mission at our doorsteps) with the message of Christ in such a way that they experience life-change and become life-changers.

Contact: Nedy Chua or call 6584 2428.