The goals of this ministry are to help every Filipino in Singapore (1) understand the God of the Bible and know the salvation of Jesus Christ, (2) become like God in character, (3) serve the church and the community with passion, (4) live a lifestyle of prayer and be always dependent on the Holy Spirit’s leading, and (5) grow towards Christian maturity.

Equipping Classes

Class Category



Class 101

Discovering Church Membership (New Believer’s Class)

Pastor Cris de Guzman

Class 201

Discovering Spiritual Maturity

Nedy Chua, Cathy Salonga, Vilma Corpuz, Rolly Yanes

Class 301

Discovering Your Gifts

Ruben Gaurani, Brigitte Gaurani, Vic Banaag, Jojie Avilla, Nerie Avilla

Class 401

Discovering Your Life Mission

Pastor Cris de Guzman



Pastor Cris de Guzman on 6584 2428